Danilo Sciorilli solo exhibition, Milan

On the occasion of MiArt contemporary art fair and Milan Art Week, Danilo Sciorilli presents his solo exhibition “Distanze comoventi” curated by Davide Dall’Ombra and Alessandra Klimciuk at Fondazione Stelline, Milan. In collaboration with Casa Testori and R&P Contemporary Art. The title is borrowed from the cosmology field and it refers to the distances between objects regardless of the time variable*. A pun that immediately makes one think to “distanze commoventi” (with double m in italians, means touching distance) of the last goodby. An exhibition project that offers the opportunity to reflect and rub it in a universal theme, particularly dear to the artist: the End of life. The exhibition offers to visitors the – probably illusory – possibility of escaping transience of life through three solutions of immortality – of the body, of the soul and of the image – through a cycle of poetic works that question the faith concept.

The project is supported by Impresa San Siro. A special thanks to Juno.am, Art-Rite and Leo Nardin for the support.

(*) In cosmology, comovent distance is a convenient way to define distances between objects in a time-independent manner: it is the separation that objects