Corporations are the third pillar of the R&P4art project. We pursue synergies and collaborations with them on multiple levels.


Marketing and Brand Awareness: art as the protagonist in tailored events and exhibitions becomes the medium to very effectively spread the messages that “new patron” companies wish to communicate thanks to the large community that actively follows contemporary art with passion and rejoices in the growth of “their” artists.

Connection Art: we create business networking events where art creates the most favorable environment for contracts and exchanges of ideas between businesses and entrepreneurs by bringing beauty and culture. Connection Art

Art for corporate growth: through custom projects, art enters the company to improve the corporate climate and culture, the sense of being an employee, and overall company performance.

Art Advisory

Corporate collection: Creation of a permanent Corporate Collection by identifying artists and artworks in line with corporate tastes and values. Such a collection is created with the support of art advisors and curators, capable of enhancing the work environment and culture of employees through also collective moments of education/information about the research of the exhibited artists and the underlying reasons behind the specific choices. This increases corporate culture, improves the quality of work, and spreads beauty that is not an end in itself, but beauty that brings about change. The collection grows in value over time proving to be an excellent capital investment.

Rent: Creation of temporary corporate collections. Every 6 months art advisors and curators agree with management about the display of new collections within corporate spaces. Accompanying each new collection, which replaces the previous one, with events that can also welcome guests from outside the company, or maintain the intimacy of the internal workforce only. The company benefits from culture, beauty and messages of change without committing fixed capital, through rental, which can always turn into a permanent investment should management wish to take advantage of opportunities related to the value growth of our artists.

Production: creations of “artist products.” Companies may decide to invest in the production (usually in limited series) of ad hoc products created for them by our artists. Art Advisors support management and R&D in identifying the “perfect” artist to achieve the expected results in terms of both aesthetics, communication and brand enhancement.*


Two levels of value: R&P4art makes available at Collector’s disposal its extraordinary network in the art world and connects the Collectors with whom it collaborates with each other to foster exchange of energy, ideas and valuable business.

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